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Ainu Ecosystem: Environment and Group Structure
All That Is Glorious Around Us: Paintings from the Hudson River School
Analytical Speller: Containing Lists of the Most Useful Words in the English Language
Art of the 20th Century, Tretyakov Gallery, Krymsky Val, 2000
Arts, Written & Illustrated By Van Loon, with Original Drawing
Cautionary Catches
Contemporary American Collage 1960-1986, Exhibition Catalog

Feasts & Seasons, Vol. 1, N. 2: Love Songs of the Irish 1980
First Ladies of Wyoming, Wyoming Commission for Women 1990
Gedichte von Nikolaus Lenau, 1902
Georges Braque
Herring Gulls
History of St. Jerome's Parish, Holyoke, Mass., 1931
Italian Renaissance Maiolica from the William A. Clark Collection

Les Points de Broderie
Matthew Parker's Legacy: Books and Plate
Met. Museum Art Bulletin W/2006, French Royal Furniture
Modern Architecture in Jerusalem
Mon Plaisir, Die Puppenstadt
Notre Dame de Paris

One-Hundred-Year Biographical Directory, Mount Holyoke College 1837-1937
Patrimonio Tessile Antico Exhibit, Spoleto 1986
Potter's Book, Bernard Leach
Schirmer's Musical Classics, V. 1044: Dvorak, Op. 32, Echoes from Moravia (Klange aus Mahren)
Skinner Auction Catalogue: Couture, Designer Clothing 1999
Sotheby's 215th Season, 1958-59 Catalog, London
Symbolist Movement in Literature

The Summons of the King
They Fought With What They Had
Through the Camera's Lens: Seeing Mount Holyoke College
William Turnbull: Sculpture & Painting

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