Standard Green Office Editing

Standard Green Office Editing includes all of the editorial tasks outlined below.

A. Copy editing: correcting errors in mechanics of style.

1. Appropriate use of language:

·      Ensuring correct usage, grammar, spelling, punctuation, hyphenation, numerals, abbreviations, expression of numbers and quantitative data, and capitalization.
·      Flagging inappropriate figures of speech and suggesting alternatives.
·      Eliminating wordiness, triteness, and inappropriate jargon.

2. Language consistency:

·      Ensuring that key terms are handled consistently.
·      Changing text and headings to enforce parallel structure.

·      Changing passive voice to active voice, if appropriate.

3. Visual consistency:

·      Establishing consistent and appropriate format in termsof typography, heading hierarchy, page layout, numbering of figures and tables, captions, title, labels in figures, headers, footers, and spacing, using style guide (APA, MLA, or author-specified).

4. References:

·      Checking specific cross-references within the document for accuracy.
·      Ensuring conformity and completeness of Reference List (Works Cited).

·      Ensuring conformity of footnotes or endnotes with style guide.

B. Substantive editing: using editorial judgment to clarify meaning.

1. Structural review:

·      Assessing conceptual integrity: checking whether document fulfils intended purpose. Suggesting, and sometimes implementing, additions and deletions, noting them at the sentence and paragraph level. In consultation with author, restructuring or rewriting awkward sentences and paragraphs where necessary.

·      Assessing organization structure: checking whether the document is concise, easily read, conveys the intended message of the text.

·      Ensuring that language and form are appropriate to readership, that there is a logical flow and weighting of discussion.

·      Improving flow of text, smoothing transitions, and occasionally moving sentences to improve readability.

·      Enforcing a uniform level, tone, and focus as specified.

·      Checking content to detect spots where copy is missing or duplicated.

·      Checking internal consistency of facts.

·      Flagging ambiguous or incorrect statements.

2. Clarity of presentation:

·      Ensuring that the presentation is effective, that title and headings reflect the contents, and that appropriate referencing and explanations of terms and abbreviations are included.

·      Checking for proper sequencing in lists and other displayed material, checking that steps in all procedures are numbered in sequence.

·      Checking appropriateness, placement, and clarity of tables, figures, and other display elements, and their consistency with references in the text.

C. Clean up editing:        Incorporating the author's replies to editorial queries, and checking the input, before the delivery of the completed project to the author.


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